Webinar: FIDO U2F for WSO2 Identity Server

Integration Experts
WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2-Identity-Server.pngHackers and crackers are exposing the password as the Internet’s weakest security link. To combat these attacks, organizations need to ensure that access to online information is protected and restricted to authorized users, and diminish the reliance on passwords.

Join us as we detail a new security feature in WSO2 Identity Server (5.1.0) by enhancing account security with the FIDO Alliance’s U2F public key cryptography specification for strong authentication.

In this webinar, WSO2, Yubico co-creator of U2F, and WSO2’s premier integrator Yenlo explain the technology, discuss the use cases for strong authentication, and demonstrate the power and ease-of-use of the U2F security key. WSO2 will present the Authentication framework of WSO2 Identity Server, Multi factor and Multi step authentication configuration and more.

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