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The rise of the API is good news to all of us

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Ruben van der Zwan
CEO & Co-Founder
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photodune-8172546-man-using-phone-while-driving-the-car-l.jpegMany interesting things happened in 2016. But still, the best is yet to come. Disrupters like Uber are the living proof of a new technology revolution and keep on reaching for the stars. Who gets behind, stays behind and those who survive all have the same things in common. Their services revolve around APIs, they are 100% mobile friendly and accessible 24/7. Time to find out what is up next! This is an interview by a journalist who has visited me at Yenlo, headquarters at Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, and found out all about it.So, let’s start with the big question. What is going to happen in 2017?

Ruben: “I believe we are on the eve of an API revolution. We see them everywhere, and with right. Many technological breakthroughs involve APIs and many companies disrupted their industry by deploying them. When I talk about APIs, I always mention Tesla. They keep on amazing me with new services and they are a true tech-heaven to their fans. Take their newest model, for example. Thanks to a bunch of cameras, Tesla drivers now have a 360-degree view of everything that surrounds them. This means that they know everything, not just about themselves, but also about other car drivers. All of this information is processed by APIs and in real-time. This is why I think that self-driving cars will be on the road soon. Now that APIs enable real-time decision making, nothing is standing in Elon Musk’s way.

“Innovation has become your only ticket to success”

Elon Musk is the trend pusher of the car industry for sure. But how about other sectors?

Ruben: I don’t think you can have one without the other. Nowadays, all sectors benefit from new IT inventions. What works well in the car industry, works well for other companies, too. For example, they all make the shift towards Big Data analysis, because it allows them to optimize their production processes and to adapt their products and services to their clients. But the reason I mentioned Elon Musk and his entourage, is because they are always on top of their game. They do not just build great cars, they offer a complete service to their customers. Moreover, they keep on optimizing it, by using the data they gathered to make even better cars and provide them with smarter tools and features. You name it; they invent it. As a competitor, you simply cannot stay behind. This creates a situation where innovation becomes your only ticket to success. And if you ask me, this is exactly what the future holds.

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