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Yenlo starts Online Training Classroom for WSO2 EI and WSO2 API

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Yenlo starts Online Classroom Training for WSO2 EI and WSO2 APIThe COVID-19 virus has a huge impact on our society, both socially and professionally. Many people are working from home and to slow the spread of the virus, public gatherings aren’t allowed. We believe that we need to make the best of a bad situation and therefore we created an online WSO2 classroom training. The training is instructor led and fits perfect in a stay at home situation.

Until recently, we provided training somewhere in the world every month. Whether it was in our headquarters near Amsterdam or at a client in the Unites States or Germany. All on premise and instructor-led as we believe that’s an added value. At the moment, it’s not possible to deliver training this way. So, we have to be inventive and that’s why we launched Online WSO2 Classroom Training. Temporary, for now and the upcoming months. And longer if needed, as we don’t know how long this situation will last.

What’s the difference?

You might wonder what the difference between our online training and other online WSO2 courses is. Good question, which is easy to answer. The difference with many other online courses is that ours is still instructor-led and in a (virtual) classroom. We have not changed that success formula because we have noticed that this is one thing that our training participants have found important in the past five years that we provided training.

At the moment, we have online classroom training for the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.6.0, as well as for the WSO2 API Manager 3.0.0. These trainings are a slimmed version of our standard “Fundamentals” classroom training. In our online classroom training we will teach you the basics of working with these respective products.

And what’s the difference compared to a regular classroom training? This online classroom training is set up in a different way compared to a regular classroom training. Rather than offering a whole day of training in a real classroom,  we split the online training in an online presentation part and Q&A part in the morning and a number of homework labs that you can do yourself in Yenlo’s online training environment on AWS later that day.  While you are doing the labs, the trainer is available via email and WhatsApp and he can help you with questions you have. Including taking control of your machine.

Basically, you almost get the same training as you would have in a formal classroom training but with cost-friendly pricing, and with less topics so that it’s manageable in a few days whilst working from home.

For who are these trainings?

If you have some affinity with and some knowledge of Enterprise Integration and API Management, these trainings can be interesting for you. Let me be a little bit more specific about the focus of this course so that you can judge if it’s suitable for you or for your team.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
The Online Classroom Training for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is focusing on proxies, APIs and Connectors and Data Services Server. Knowledge of things like SOAP, Rest Enterprise Integration Patterns and the concept of an Enterprise Service Bus is highly recommended.

WSO2 API Manager
The Online Classroom Training for WSO2 API Manager focusses on creating APIs in several shapes and forms, changing APIs and managing APIs. Knowledge of APIs, REST and things like Swagger are recommended.

If you are in doubt whether you have the required knowledge and can join this training, please contact us and we can help you establish if the course is suitable for you.

Learn new skills

These trainings could be seen as the entry to learning a new environment to work with. It’s the start of getting experience with the WSO2 products, and ideally should be followed up by hands on experience in playing around with the information that we’ve given you. It’s like getting your driver’s license, you really learn to drive by driving yourself. We think that this situation might be a good opportunity to start learning new skills, a new environment, a new product to work with.

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