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Wave of innovationsEvery year in January, Las Vegas is home to the world’s biggest electronic show, CES. Over 180,000 international visitors will marvel for four days at the latest and greatest in consumer electronics but also business-to-business electronics. At CES we are bound to learn about all kinds of innovations that perhaps will add value to your business. In this blog, I will tell you a little bit more about CES and how you can add value to your business.

Where is CES about?

The show is held multiple venues in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Convention Center where we find among others the automotive vendors as well as the major electronic brands like Samsung, LG and Sony. The automotive vendors presence at CES might surprise you but it is a fact that cars are becoming more and more like computers that can drive. Especially in the area of autonomous driving a lot of processing power is needed in order to receive and interpret all of the sensor data that is required to drive. You see unlikely candidates playing in this field like for instance Nvidia, known for the graphics cards but also utilizing the power of parallel processing in self driving cars. Of course, there are also other marketplaces dedicated to hot topics like for instance the Internet of things (IOT), smart cities and 5G communications. But it’s not only the big corporations that exhibit at CES, no! In the Sands Expo Center, adjacent to the Venetian and Bellagio hotel the whole ground floor is dedicated to over 800 startups who have a small nine square meters booth at a reduced price. It is called Eureka Park and here you will find perhaps the next TomTom or the next Google.

Royal innovations

Innovation is very important for organizations. But it’s also very important for countries. Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, as the special envoy of StartupDelta, heads a delegation of 50 Dutch startups who want to conquer the world. The Holland Pavilion is where all of the startups will present their solution and services to the world. Take for instance Keplervision. They apply deep learning to the processing of video images in the do’s of main elderly care. With their solution, they are able to monitor residents unobtrusively see if they drink enough water or liquids because dehydration is a major issue. This information, presented on the dashboard will give caretakers insight into residents’ wellbeing and improve the quality of care.Another example is the problem of counterfeiting. Brands lose billions every year to counterfeited products from damaging the brand reputation and eroding consumer trust. Seal network, another Dutch startup embeds microchips in products allowing them to be scanned with a smart phone thereby establishing that it is an original product. These are only a number of examples of new technology trying to find its way to the market.

Exciting times

This I have said before, but (almost) everything is getting an API. When you have an API you’re able to connect to that system. Apart from the APIs, there is also the concept of data streams. A solution like the one from Kepler vision would deliver the stream of data that we can create rules on. The system then only needs to take care of interpreting video but separate the logic and processing power to for instance the WSO2 Stream Processor. This can take into account other data streams that are important to present holistic overview of the residence wellbeing. This technological capability needs to go hand in hand with the ethical discussion about surveillance and the checks and balances needed to safeguard the data (not to mention compliance with GDPR). We live in exciting times as far as the use of IT technology goes. But the question is: are you able to take advantage of the possibilities IT has to offer? Because APIs need to be managed in order to be used. Security, Monitoring and perhaps even Monetization make a regular API a Managed API.  Because when businesses use APIs they need an enterprise grade API Management Solution to make it a success. If you would like to know how a great API Management solution can take your business to the next level, download our whitepaper.

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