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New products and services launched by WSO2 during WSO2ConUS2017

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New Product Launch

San Francisco, 22 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, where Yenlo as premier partner of WSO2 is one of the silver sponsors, WSO2 announced and launched several new products, services and their strategic vision for the coming years. Read all about this existing news in this post.

Strategic Vision WSO2 2017 onward

yenlo cloud.pngIn 2017 and beyond WSO2 will follow a ‘Cloud first’ approach for launching and deploying their products. So, customers running on one or more of WSO2’s Cloud propositions will benefit from new features in an early stage first.

After the roll-out on WSO2’s Cloud the product will be shipped for on-premises deployment as well.

Along with this new strategic approach, WSO2 announced a few new Cloud propositions during the Conference which will go live somewhere in 2017

API Management Cloud

This Cloud proposition exist already and enables customers to create and deploy API’s in a secured and scalable Cloud environment.

Integration Cloud

The Integration Cloud, consisting of multiple existing components, enables you to implement and operate micro services and micro integrations.

Identity and Access Management Cloud

The new IAM Cloud enables you to manage identities, manage your security policies and privacy regulations across your digital business. By that you also will be able to implement Single-Sign-On across many Cloud enabled external SaaS providers and MobileApps vendors.

Smart Analytics Cloud

With the Smart Analytics Cloud you will be able to implement real-time intelligent and actionable business insights and data products for further consumption by your business units.

Internet of Things Cloud

With the IoT Cloud proposition you can make mobile and IoT devices integral part to your digital business by managing them from a single, centralized management console.

New Products and Services

WSO2 merge products togetherThe biggest announcement was the merger of some of the existing products to a single component. That way it is for customers much easier to create outstanding integrations from a single holistic angle. So, instead of installing multiple components on multiple server nodes, a single installation will do from now on.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

The WSO2 Enterprise Integrator integrates many existing currently separated WSO2 modules like ESB, DSS, MB, BRS, BPS and AS. So, this new merged product will replace the current WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and all other mentioned products in the coming year(s). Read all about the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator product here.

WSO2 Streaming Analytics

WSO2 Streaming Analytics integrates the existing currently separated WSO2 modules DAS, ML and CEP. Read all about the WSO2 Streaming Analytics product here.


Not so much of a product rather a new program language was announced. Ballerina. An new Flexible, Powerful and Beautiful program language. This new program language will make it easy to create Integrations (on your ESB) by drawings.

This new programming language will help us and you better to speed up in a graphical way to enter the digital world of today and tomorrow. It is all part of our Digital Transformation journey. Read all about this new Ballerina program language here.

The Digital Transformation

The Digital Technology is driving companies towards three key elements:

  • Adding digital components to their products, and the products become completely digital products;
  • Engaging with customers through new digital experiences;
  • Enhancing digital operations for monitoring, control and intelligence.

By that, companies need:

  • Sustained capacity for business creativity and digital innovation;
  • Rapid and iterative development processes;
  • technology platform supporting creative and development processes.

Read here all announcements made during the WSO2Con US 2017. And of course read all about how you can Go Digital in our brand new white paper: Go Digital! It is for free.

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