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New features WSO2 API manager 2.1.0

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San Francisco, 21 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, where Yenlo as premier partner of WSO2 is one of the silver sponsors, WSO2 presented their new version of the WSO2 API manager. This new version got a few new features and a few important enhancements. Read all about these new features in the WSO2 API manager 2.1.0 in this post.

The latest version of the WSO2 API manager solution, version 2.1.0, only a few new features were added.

Ability to manage APIs for web sockets

HTML5 Websockets with WSO2WebSocket is a protocol similar to HTTP that is part of the HTML5 specification. It enables simultaneous two-way communication (full-duplex communication) between the client and the server over a single connection. A WebSocket API, within the WSO2 API manager stack, allows an API creator to expose a WebSocket backend as an API to offer services via a WebSocket protocol while still making use of the great features of the API soluton like providing OAuth security, throttling, (advanced) analytics, policy enforcement and so on.

Ability to generate client side SDK

WSO2 api manager and SDKWhen a client needs to call an API he normally needs to invoke the API over HTTP. But from now on, it is possible to generate client side SDKs for subscribed APIs in the WSO2 API Store. Software Development Kits (SDKs) contain the necessary toolkits to create an application using the OS to call the local API. If an API consumer wants to create an application, they can generate a server stub or client side SDK for a supported language/framework and use it to write a software application to consume the subscribed APIs. 

Ability to invoke workflows

Workflow in the WSO2 API managerYou now have the ability to invoke a (tailormade) workflow when the API lifecycle state changes, note you need the WSO2 Business Process Server in addition. So, each time an API is updated, for instance because a new version was released, a specific workflow can be triggered in the WSO2 BPS definition. This workflow can for instance send notifications, publish a post or tweet, or whatever you imagine. 

All these functions were added to the already rich featured WSO2 API solution.

Is that it?

For this release it is. As you can see, some new cool features where added which improves this WSO2 API product a lot. The WSO2 team will continue add more features to the already rich API solution of WSO2. More to come this year or early next year I guess. What we do know is, that in the second half of 2017 the following features are on the roadmap:

  • API composition. The ability to compose new API’s by orchestrating existing APIs via the API Developer Portal;
  • More statistics thru the API analytics;
  • Container friendly. Low memory footprint, low CPU and faster startup.

But above all: this late 2017 version is probably running on the new Carbon 5.0 framework, which by itself contains many enhancements. Read here all announcements and presentations give during the WSO2Con US 2017.  This new API manager fits perfectly in a Digital Transformation approach. Read all about it in our free whitepaper.


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