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We at WSO2 Cloud team are working on improving the experience we are providing to WSO2 Cloud users. During this effort, we try to provide clear instructions on using the various features available. Since we have two cloud services offered to the users, I’ll be talking about the WSO2 App Cloud in this blog post.

As the first step, we published a set of tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to do things in the WSO2 App Cloud. This included

  • Creating an application from scratch
  • Uploading an existing application
  • Editing your app with the Cloud IDE
  • Creating and using databases
  • Invoking APIs from your app code etc. 

You can find those tutorials at https://docs.wso2.com/display/AppCloud/Tutorials.

As the next step, we started working on a series of screencasts which shows you how to use different features in the WSO2 App Cloud. These screencasts go parallel with the above mentioned tutorials. We have published them in YouTube and also linked from the tutorials too. So, you can use both of them to make your life easier. At the moment we have released four screencasts and we are in the process of releasing more. I’ll list them here for your reference.

Click here to learn more about WSO2 Cloud.

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