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Improve Customer Experience with WSO2 Analytics

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Isabelle Mauny, the Vice President of Product Strategy at WSO2, presented in a keynote session during WSO2ConEU 2016 in London, WSO2’s vision how customer experience could be improved with analytics, for instance by adding the WSO2 Data Analytic Server (WSO2 DAS) to your stack.

Isabelle Mauny on the WSO2ConEU 2016 in London First of all, it is good to know what Customer Experience is. Isabell: “Customer Experience is the product of an interaction between organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship“. Customers want to have a social and personalized expereince. Or as Isabelle said: “We are in the time of ME!“.

The many examples of current businesses not knowing who you are, were very recognizable. And it so crucial to really know who your customer is, whether you are an airliner, retailer or call center operator. You need to know all the current and historical data of your customer(s), in real time, for somebody to make the right decissions on the right time. Every industry has plenty of such data, it is just a matter how to make optimal use of it. That means analyse data “at rest”, analyse data “in real time” and make use of predictive behaviour.

Isabelle_Mauny_keynote_wso2conEU2016.jpeg For example: take the Yenlo Managed iBeacon Platform project, a IoT platform for digital agencies. With Beacons we can monitor who is where at what time, but also monitor if you for example do not step inside a store to buy something. Interesting data to analyse and based on the outcome make a decision to give that person an real time product offer from that store.

Great keynote, love to get started with WSO2 DAS (WSO2 Analytic Platform) to implement the “We are in the time of ME”,  being you.

P.S. Here you can read about the opening keynote of CTO and Founder of WSO2 Sanjiva Weerawarana too. Read also the blog of one of our colleages who attended some tutorials at WSO2Con about Deploying Middleware on Containers.

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