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Thijs Volders
Thijs Volders
Strategic Technology Officer

San Francisco, 22 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, Chamith Kumarage from WSO2  presented the vision of WSO2 around ‘DevOps Best Practices’. Read all about it in this post.

During this last day of the conference I attended the session “DevOps  best practices – the 7 aspects” by Chamith Kumarage which was fully packed with interested facts. DevOps is a hot topic definitely.

This session was about WSO2’s journey towards a DevOps approach and the best-practices which they have acquired in the definition of a DevOps approach within WSO2.

Through a number of hits and tips Chamith has given us insight in the pitfalls WSO2 sees when starting with a DevOps capability within an organisation. This session focussed on an approach to setup a DevOps capability in your organization, the so called DevOps Cycle.

The DevOps Cycle

If you want to setup a DevOps capability, there are several things to keep in mind one of which is to make sure the DevOps tooling of your choice is flexible enough to allow you to choose which cloud-vendor to use, i.e AWS, Azure etc. If you need to be able to switch from cloud-provider this will prove to be a valuable choice.

Think about making your scripts capable of handling multiple versions of the component which you want to automatically rollout. Integrate the capability in your scripts to install newer versions of products or patch-levels of OS-packages.

Use tooling to keep track of the state of your environment. WSO2 Data Analytics Server could be fed with events coming from the environment through which you can see how it’s doing. When applying updates using the DevOps tooling through your environment you can see the effects of such updates very fast.

WSO2 has recently introduces WUM, WSO2 Update Manager, using this tool you get the latest and greatest WS02 product package which can be fed into your DevOps tooling.

With the introduction of WUM, which does have a command line interface, it is possible to also incorparte the WSO2 product upgrades inside your DevOps strategy. Want to know more? Contact us and we set you up!


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