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Why we think you should be at the WSO2 Conference in London

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wso2coneu2017.jpgYou’re the CIO of a top digital performer and you’re asked to facilitate “growth”. Sorry, what? Is someone going to brief you on this vague but urgent matter? Nope. As always, people look at you when important decisions need to be made. And important it is. Growth is the no. 1 business priority reported by CIOs for 2018, if you believe Gartner. The same Gartner also states that a digital transformation is the only way to accomplish growth. What to do? We suggest you start in London, at the WSO2 Conference from 6 to 8 November.

A word on organizer WSO2

First, let me explain why out of all conferences on digital transformation, this specific conference may be particularly interesting to you. Organizer WSO2 is a technology provider with software solutions that are 100% open source. And in this time of data exchange, empowered customers and the trend to involve the entire world to make better products and services, this is a great benefit. Open source technologies aren’t owned by anyone: the code is free and available and the different modules can be adjusted to your company’s specific needs. No lock in, either from a technological or financial point of view. I believe that open source is to proprietary software what Uber is to the taxi industry: it’s cheaper, smarter, more customer-centric and therefore simply more successful.

Reason 1. You get a free success recipe

The experts of WSO2 continuously work on software solutions that make companies more flexible and better able to adapt to new opportunities. After all, taking new technologies to the next level is what could make your company stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of your ideal customer. This is why at the WSO Conference, you get an update on all essential ingredients that together make your digital transformation:

And no, the above is not THE recipe. These are just words. If you really want to find out how these elements relate and how can deploy them in real life, you shouldn’t miss the learning sessions, hand-on experiences, customer success stories and keynote of WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell.

Reason 2. You might meet the Tesla to your Vestas

Like we said, involving the world is one of the things every sector disruptor seems to be doing these days. Team efforts like Tesla and Vestas got us better cars, Hilton and Uber jointly conquered the hospitality industry and McDonalds and Hello Kitty made millions of children very very happy (and parents very very unhappy, but that’s a different story). In other words: teaming up makes better products and services, simply because both parties benefit from each other’s expertise, experience and good name. This is one of the reasons why the WSO2con in London put a lot of effort in creating networking possibilities during the event. To name a few, there’ll be a networking reception, an oxygen bar and a conference party. Here, you’ll meet WSO2 partners, and perhaps the Tesla to your Vestas. It’s London: you never know!

Reason 3. You get to meet us and win stuff

In the middle of this digital transformation madness, there’ll be a team of 10 Yenlo experts -including yours sincerely- that will be at your service throughout the conference. Being Dutch, we have a down-to-earth way of advising you on your digital revolution, so that all of the abstract promises you read about can become reality for your very own company. In the daytime, we’ll be at our stand, which is easily recognizable as it’s sky blue, and at the social events you can find us by looking out for equally sky blue lanyards. Speaking of lanyards, if you come to our stand, we’ll give you a small giveaway with your very own. If you take a picture of it (an awesome picture, that is), and put it on twitter mentioning @YenloTeam, you get a free copy of our book Switch on Your IoT.

Having written this article, I’m even more exited to go to London than I already was. I’m looking forward to get an update on everything that’s new, better and faster and to meet people that are just as exciting about open source technology as we are. If one of them is you, let me know!

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