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Access WSO2 OSGI console using Telnet

Rob Blaauboer
Rob Blaauboer
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Accessing WSO2 OSGI console using TelnetWSO2 products use OSGI bundles to deploy and manage the features / components that make up the product. The OSGI console is not something an everyday user will see, it is enabled at startup with a simple command that is added to the startup command, e.g. sh wso2server.sh -DosgiConsole or even to the shell script itself.  There are already numerous parameters in that file. By the way, the OSGI console also works on Windows, so where we mention shell script you can also read tbe batch (bat) file. In this blog I’ll explain how you can access WSO2 OSGI console using Telnet.

The OSGI console gives access to the internal machinery and is done on the command line of the CMD windows or terminal session. In case WSO2 runs in the foreground the carbon logs are also shown in the same window as the interaction with the OSGi bundles. When the WSO2 product runs in the background there is no OSGi console, the control is transferred directly to the command line again.

Using Telnet

But there is another option. You can actually start the OSGI console to be available on a specific port. Let’s say that we open it on port 2500. By doing that we can actually set up a telnet connection to the OSGI console and control the WSO2 instance.

The setup is simple. We use the windows environment to show this. So, we have a WSO2 API Manager on the desktop. We start the API Manager with the following command:

wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole=2500

This also means that we are now no longer able to type in commands in the command window. We need a telnet connection.

We start a telnet session by typing in telnet in the Search window in the task bar. This opens up a telnet session.

Telnet session

Telnet localhost

To show it works we type in lb (list bundles). We have complete control over the OSGI console as if we were running in the same window.


We can actually start all WSO2 products on different ports allowing low level access when necessary. However since telnet sessions are not encrypted they are a security risk for man in the middle attacks and other attacks. But it is good to know that you have an option with telnet.

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