Microservices and Integration will be the themes of 2019

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 11 Dec, 2018

About this time last year, I predicted that these five IT-related themes would play an important role in 2018: API-first, IoT, Blockchain, Microservices and Automated Stacks. Now, one year later, let’s look back if the predictions became reality and to see what awaits us in the coming year.

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Testing your WSO2 proxies and APIs with SoapUI

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 6 Dec, 2018

In my role as WSO2 Trainer at Yenlo I regularly need to check the training materials. With the advent of WUM (WSO2 Update Manager) we go to a delivery cycle of new WSO2 product releases that warrant the use of a tool to test if all labs in the training still work. I want to be able to deploy a car file to a new server for training (i.e. a new patched version of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) and run tests. In essence, this is the same goal as a regular test for any production environment. So, I’ve spent some time developing a set of test cases using SoapUI.

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Topics: WSO2 Proxies, WSO2 API, SoapUI

The Instant API Business Model

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 4 Dec, 2018

When you look at APIs, they are the interface to services running on computers and systems across the world, but APIs can also constitute a business model for organizations, and I believe that it is possible to have an instant API business model using available public data. Let me explain what I mean by instant. I'm convinced that you can just fire up some scripts and you will have a business that you can run in with under a day. Let’s drill down a little bit. When you’re talking about APIs in a business model, there are some things that you need to do. First you need to have an API which should provide information that will interest people, otherwise people will not be willing to pay for it.

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Running WSO2 API Manager 2.5.0 on a different hostname

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 29 Nov, 2018

When you download WSO2 API Manager and deploy it, it is set to localhost as the hostname. This means you run the API Manager locally (localhost is mapped to the This is perfectly fine if you just want to see what the API Manager does. When you want to go beyond that, for instance doing a Proof of Concept, you will want to install on a server, either locally or even in the cloud. In this blog we will describe the steps you need to take in order to run the API Manager on a different hostname, in this case we will use the api.blog.yenlo hostname and run on an Amazon Instance.

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What is an API-first Strategy?

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 27 Nov, 2018

You might have heard the term 'API-first strategy'. Any idea what it is? It actually depends on who you talk to, as there are as many definitions as there are vendors using that term. Like often is the case in IT. In this blog, I will give you my opinion what an API- first strategy is and how to realize it.

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