Health Checks on WSO2 Products

Posted by Steve Liem on 24 Jan, 2019

For simple health checks directly on a Carbon container, you want to have an interface that exposes just enough information to determine that the environment is healthy. It should also be a lightweight process that has no impact on the load of the system. It should be a secure process that does not expose any sensitive system information that might be of use for potential hack attacks. In this blog I will tell you how you can execute a health check.

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Edit WSO2 XML configuration files with xmlstarlet

Posted by Luca Strozzi on 25 Oct, 2018

Many times we need to perform small edits on XML files from within a shell script. For example, during software deployment, some XML element or attribute values need to change, or XML elements have to be added, removed, modified. This is a different use-case than installing/deploying WSO2 on a server for which we typically would use Ansible or Packer. In our case we need a lightweight solution that takes little time to create but saves us a lot of time. In a previous blog (Doing a simple scripted setup of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) we used the stream editor SED. But there are alternatives as we will see in this blog.

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Transforming EDI Messages to XML and JSON

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 21 Jun, 2018

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been around for many decades and has been replaced to a large extend by other ways of data interchange like XML (computer readable) and newer formats like JSON. Still there are EDI messages in use, perhaps in your organization. How do you turn these messages into more modern formats? With WSO2 EI of course. In this blog, we will take a dummy EDI message file and turn it into an XML file. As a second step, we store the data in a database as well. First things first. How will we process files?

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