Who’s afraid of an upgrade?

Posted by Hans Bot on 21 Feb, 2019

With the success of the App Store as a market to distribute applications, people have gotten used to their apps getting updated regularly. In fact, many people simply accept their updates automatically, and trust the provider to not mess up. And then they forget about it altogether. After all, you want to use an app, not manage it, right? Given the scale of apps and the number of smartphones, it’s remarkable that this model works pretty much flawlessly. And the same model works for your phone operating system, especially when you’re on iOS (update practices of Android phone manufacturers differ). Apple proudly reported that iOS 12 adoption rate hit 50% of eligible devices within a mere three weeks of launch. Hundreds of millions of devices got updated within mere weeks. Without any serious issue. 

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WSO2 Update Manager

Posted by Domenique Mulder on 29 Sep, 2016

Keeping track of updates and patches for your WSO2 products can be a very time consuming activity and be honest; do you really check for updates on a regular basis?

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