Multi-tenant email support in WSO2 Identity server

Posted by Steve Liem on 6 Sep, 2018

I'd like to recall a blogpost that we published in 2016 about how to enable tenant specific SMTP support in WSO2 Identity Server:

Since moving to WSO2IS v5.3.0 onwards a lot of things changed. Using the Axis2 layer to configure email support became a legacy solution. Meaning that there is no guarantee that the email plugin we've published in 2016 will work now. Using the CEP engine integrated with Identity Server is the primary approach chosen by WSO2.

This blogpost will present a new solution for configuring multi-tenant specific SMTP settings for email events triggered by the Identity Server.

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Conditional Authentication with WSO2 Identity Server

Posted by Hasitha de Silva on 26 Jul, 2018

As today’s information systems are going through a rapid wave of security hardening, Multi-Factor Authentication is coming into the spotlight to ensure the identity of a user in more context-aware mechanisms. The ability to adapt and switch based on multiple different scenarios a user may access your system, is imperative in this context.

For example, let's say your system handles user login through 3 factors — Basic credentials, face detection and a One-time-Password sent to the email. Now, if user A is accessing your system from the Company intranet, you may want to make the login process easier by skipping the One-time-Password. This pattern for the Administrator to conditionally enable/ disable steps in the login flow is formally defined as “Conditional Authentication”, and WSO2 Identity Server has come up with a neat feature to facilitate this.

I hope the following walkthrough will help you grasp this concept and use it wisely!

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Building WSO2 products from source 2.0

Posted by Gustavo Encarnacao on 17 May, 2018

In this blog we'll provide some insight into the WSO2 source code structure and how to modify and build your own custom version of WSO2 products that meets your specific needs. Knowledge of Maven and Git is useful but not required as we'll try to give a thorough explanation of what commands to issue, why and what they do. If you are planning on building WSO2 products you will require 3 applications:

  1. a Git client to obtain the source code
  2. a Java8 JDK
  3. Maven to compile the source code.

WSO2 provides a full suite of integration products, known as the WSO2 stack. These include the Enterprise Integrator (which now combines the previous single products: Enterprise Service Bus, Data Services Server and the Business Process Server), the API Manager and the Identity Server which are the more commonly/broadly used.

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Federated Authentication with BIT.LY authenticator in WSO2 Identity Server

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 5 Oct, 2017

WSO2’s Identity and Access Management Solution, Identity Server, allows you to introduce Federated Authentication in your IT landscape.

With Federated Authentication we mean that we use a third party (a so called Identity Provider) to authenticate a user.

Rather than keeping a separate and own user registration, authentication is done by a third party for instance Facebook, Google or  another service.

We should clarify, btw, that is is not a question of either / or but rather question of choice. You can have a local authenticator and / or federated authenticator(s).

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Enterprise Identity Integration with WSO2 Identity Server

Posted by Hans Bot on 16 May, 2017

Nowadays, identities are everywhere. They’re in employee accounts, customer accounts, email accounts, IM accounts, Facebook accounts, Google accounts, Microsoft accounts, LinkedIn accounts, not to mention many, many application and system-level accounts. Now this account proliferation is quickly becoming a management burden - for individuals as well as enterprises. Just have a look at your password manager to see how many accounts you’ve got laying around.

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