WSO2 EI / WSO2 ESB JSON Object support

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 17 Jan, 2019

In the WSO2 EI and WSO2 ESB products you might run into a situation that you either want to receive or send JSON messages. As I’ve recently done some work relating to this functionality I wanted to write a blog about this subject. For the examples in this blog I will use the following flow:


Inside the WSO2 EI/ESB product’s message context, everything is handled as XML which has an impact on the way JSON is processed. Luckily there are a few easy ways to use the JSON support within the bus. In this blog, I will cover how the product handles JSON objects.

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Digital Transformation: Threat or Opportunity?

Posted by Vinay Babu Yella on 15 Jan, 2019

Digital Transformation is for a company the difference between winning and losing. Companies that were once great are now extinct. For example: Toys "R" Us was once a successful toys store chain, but now out of business after Amazon shook up the retail market with online e-commerce offering customers with greater selection, lower price, and better customer experience. In some cases, much younger companies (for example: Uber, Airbnb, Stripe) are emerging as major disruptors in their industry, using their digital platforms that prove to be a threat to their competitors. Over the past twenty years, it has been proven that the industry disruptors where the first to embrace Digital Transformation, and those other companies that followed were successful by surviving the competition.

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The Magic of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 8 Jan, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is almost a magical process. When you look at it more closely, you find it maybe a bit mysterious how it actually works but it can bring great benefits to your business. Let's dive into this topic in this blog and first start with the Mechanical Turk, a fake chess-playing machine.

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Versioning in Maven of a WSO2 ESB/ WSO2 EI Multi Module project

Posted by Jenny Gligorovska on 21 Dec, 2018

As a java based product, the WSO2 ESB / WSO2 EI multimodule project can be built with Maven. Maven Multi Module projects contain multiple modules with each their own pom file. We use Maven in continuous development, which gives extra management to a project, and the possibility to have it as a part of a bigger project. In this blog I will tell you more about it.

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Separate log files per Proxy or API in WSO2 EI

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 22 Nov, 2018

In WSO2 products you can always find all the enabled logging aggregated into the wso2carbon.log, but what if you want to split some of this logging up on the API/Proxy level? Well you’re in luck, WSO2 EI (or WSO2 ESB) supports logging per API or Proxy into their respective files and I’m here to tell you how to do that!

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