Introduction to WSO2 Dashboard Server (WSO2 DS) – Part 2

Posted by Yenlo on 7 Apr, 2016

  This is the second blog about the introduction of the WSO2 Dashboard Server. Here you can read part 1. In this second part of the introduction we are going to study how to create a Gadget using a Gadget Author role (user). This gadget is accessed by DashBoard editor and viewers rol.

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Introduction to WSO2 Dashboard Server (WSO2 DS) - Part 1

Posted by Yenlo on 17 Mar, 2016

 As the number of data into a database or spreadsheet grows up, it is getting more complex to display all that info in a simple way that can have meaning to the user, in only one screen. This is the business use case that this tool try to resolve. For that purpose, WSO2 Dashboard Server (WSO2 DS) provides a platform that enables users to create dashboards to display data. It is a gadget container.

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