WSO2 Data Analytics Server explained

Posted by Thijs Volders on 21 Feb, 2017

San Francisco, 21 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, where Yenlo as premier partner of WSO2 is one of the silver sponsors, Sriskandarajah Suhothayan from WSO2 was talking about the WSO2 Data Analytics Server and the future roadmap. Read all about it in this post.

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Real world example of WSO2 DAS Gadgets

Posted by Dusan Dević on 22 Sep, 2016

 WSO2 Data Analytics Server is a very powerful web-based solution for data analytics. Before you continue with this tutorial, please make sure you read and understood about WSO2 DAS data representation alternatives.

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WSO2 DAS - Data presentation alternatives

Posted by Dusan Dević on 15 Sep, 2016

WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3 introduces all-in-one solution with the ability to build systems that collect and analyze data and communicate the results. It combines real-time, batch, interactive, and predictive analysis of data into one integrated platform that is by design capable of analyzing millions of events per seconds which can be expected out of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, as well as mobile and web applications.

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Integrating ESB 4.9.0 and DAS 3.0.1 to use Events synchronization

Posted by Andrey Cunha on 8 Sep, 2016

 So your WSO2 ESB is running smoothly in your SOA architecture and all sorts of data are flowing from one application to another? Great! Knowing exactly what is happening ‘under the hood’ can help you make business decisions on a daily basis. That is where WSO2s Data Analytics Server comes in: by gathering and analyzing useful information on performance, usage and events, DAS will provide you with useful insights through its user-friendly dashboards.

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WSO2ConEU 2016, Isabelle Mauny, Improve Customer Experience with WSO2 Analytics

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 8 Jun, 2016

Isabelle, the Vice President of Product Strategy at WSO2, presented in a keynote session during WSO2ConEU 2016 in London, WSO2's vision how customer experience could be improved with analytics, for instance by adding the WSO2 Data Analytic Server (WSO2 DAS) to your stack.

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