Get WSO2 ready for production: exchanging the embedded H2 database

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 15 Feb, 2018

In this blog I'll explain one step that's needed to get WSO2 ready for production: Changing the default database within your WSO2 stack.

I assume that you already have the database of choice installed either locally on somewhere on a server.

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How to check if WSO2 is up and running? 

Posted by Luis Bustamante on 18 Jan, 2018

Regardless of what WSO2 product is being used, once it is in production, it is important to know the current server status and accordingly trigger the process of starting it, shutting it down or just leaving it running fine. Manually, it could be reviewed and assumed by just login into the carbon console, but when the process must run automatic this is not a good option anymore. In this blog I'll tell you how you can check if WSO2 is up and running.

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You need to learn to walk before you can dance with a ballerina

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 21 Dec, 2017

You might have heard something about Ballerina, the new open source language developed by WSO2, launched in February 2017. Earlier we wrote a blog: A first dance with Ballerina. It is a complete language, to be positioned somewhere between Java and the Synapse environment. To be honest, more to the Java side than the Synapse side.

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WS-Security: Signing of messages

Posted by Jan Timmerman on 14 Dec, 2017

Our friend Rob Blaauboer already produced a nice blog about securing proxies in WSO2 on a transport level. 

This time we’re going to discuss a less commonly used property. How to sign SOAP messages on the message level according to the WS-Security signing and encryption.

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WSO2 Stream Processor - Installation and Configuration

Posted by Nils Eckert on 7 Dec, 2017

WSO2 Stream Processor got introduced recently at WSO2Con 2017 in London as next generation of WSO2’s analytics platform. WSO2 Stream Processor will be the successor to WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS) and is designed to be lightweight, lean and cloud native.

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