Get ready for Ballerina

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 12 Jul, 2018

On 18 July 2018  WSO2 will release version 0.980 of the long-awaited Ballerina language during BallerinaCon in San Francisco (also streamed live to your PC). You might wonder what it is and how it’s going to change the way you do integration in your organization. In a series of blogs we are going to take a look at Ballerina and dive into some of the elements of Ballerina.

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Topics: Ballerina, Technical

Transforming EDI Messages to XML and JSON

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 21 Jun, 2018

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been around for many decades and has been replaced to a large extend by other ways of data interchange like XML (computer readable) and newer formats like JSON. Still there are EDI messages in use, perhaps in your organization. How do you turn these messages into more modern formats? With WSO2 EI of course. In this blog, we will take a dummy EDI message file and turn it into an XML file. As a second step, we store the data in a database as well. First things first. How will we process files?

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Access to WSO2 Databases with DBeaver

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 24 May, 2018

When you take almost all WSO2 products out of the box (OOTB) you will use a H2 embedded database. This is easily exchanged for most major RDBMS databases with help of the sql scripts in the /dbscripts directory. For more information on how to do this, read this blog on WSO2 and MariaDB. In this blog I will tell you how to access WSO2 Databases with DBeaver.

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