Is the future of transport free transport?

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 26 Jun, 2018

Recently on the side of the world economic forum there was an article on Estonia’s plans to offer free public transport countrywide to all of its citizens. This is an extension of the schema that was introduced five years ago in the Estonian capital of Tallinn where 75% of citizens voted in a referendum yes in favor of free public transport. Free transport means that it need to be smart transport too. In this blog I'll explain why.

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Topics: Smart Transit, Strategy, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation

Rider experience takes center stage

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 13 Feb, 2018

It’s interesting to see the shift industries make towards customer centric design. Every aspect of a user’s digital journey is being examined and optimized to provide the best possible experience. This movement has completely changed retail, the energy sector, banking and interestingly enough: transit. Suddenly, IT is more than a backbone enabling internal data exchange on bus schedules and paychecks: it’s become the ultimate way to add value for travelers. This phenomenon is called rider experience, and it’s taking transit to a whole new level. What has boosted this development and how can players in and outside the transit sector learn from it? I’ll tell you in this blog.

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Topics: Smart Transit, APIs, API