The democratization of GPS, IoT and Location Based Services

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 25 Sep, 2018

It is hard to imagine a world without the use of global positioning systems or GPS for short. Over the last decade or so we have seen the use of GPS systems increased tremendously due to the miniaturization of the technology. It meant the end of the analog Road Atlas and introduced personal navigation devices and allowed organizations like TomTom, data company taking the information from the devices and turn it into data about traffic around the world. We rely on our GPS systems to go from A to B. Imagine what you can do with an IOT devices that allows location-based services with a long battery life.

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Smart Things

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 21 Aug, 2018

The word Smart is often misused in marketing. Just slap that word in front of any device and suddenly you have a device capable of doing the most amazing things. We have smart fridges, smart thermostats and even smart underwear with sensors woven in the undies and bras that will measure vitals like heart rate, temperature, pressure, motion and so on. Really, I am not kidding. I believe that, unless you are a top athlete or have a chronic condition that needs monitoring, you need to be a bit of a data fetishist to wear such garments. What I mean with smart is not only connected but also capable of adding value by means of its ‘smartness’.

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How the IoT is changing 5 vital industries

Posted by JBTechReports on 2 Jan, 2018

Everyday, the Internet of Things is changing the world as we know it. Everything from smart watches and smart shoes to holograms and robotic help looks like something straight out of The Jetsons. Granted, George Jetson's flying car is still being developed by the likes of Slovakian startup AeroMobil, and 3D printed food hasn’t made it to mainstream restaurants yet from Foodini, Cocojet, and NASA; but we’re getting there, and there’s plenty to be excited about.

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How to crush digitalization using the IT trends of 2018

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 19 Dec, 2017

If 2017 was “talk the talk”, 2018 will definitely be “walk the walk”. Last year, the idea of digital transformation was a vague, new promise that was both appreciated and distrusted by the business world. Sure, CEOs, CIOs and IT managers all knew change was coming, but they didn’t think it would be such a great deal. But that was last year. The IT trends of 2017 (including IoT, Blockchain and rising star API) have sunk in, and new legislations like GDPR and PSD2 force companies to re-invent their business. So why not re-invent right now? In this article, I tell you how to crush digitalization using the IT trends of 2018.

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IoT in education: leveraging the smartphone addiction

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 12 Dec, 2017

Let’s talk about IoT. Futuristic as “Internet of Things” may sound, the technology is already making airports, railway stations and other public areas more interactive and a hell of a lot more interesting. Over the past few years, quite some sector disruptors have been experimenting with IoT technologies to optimize their own products and services, and I believe it’s time for the world to follow in their footsteps. One of the sectors that would really benefit from an on-site IoT strategy is education. Both to increase efficiency- and for the very simple reason it makes the campus a great place to be.  

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