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Agile is a magic word

By Rob Blaauboer

From the definition in the dictionary we learned that agility means that you're able to react to changing environments. And it's true that we see a lot of change coming our way. Markets change and...

Alternatives in IT

Looking for alternatives

By Ruben van der Zwan

It seems like we're looking constantly for alternatives. We're moving from natural gas to heating and cooking on...


The obligatory symbiosis of Hardware and Software

By Ruben van der Zwan

Symbiosis is defined as a cooperative relationship between two persons or groups, according to online dictionary Merriam Webster. But, as far as I concerned, there is also symbiosis between hardware and software.

The usefulness of useless knowledge - research

The usefulness of useless knowledge

By Ruben van der Zwan

We have busy lives and everything we do needs to  have a purpose. No time to do some blue sky staring or consider...

Lazybones - APIs and Microservices

Does AI make Lazybones?

By Ruben van der Zwan

We have heard a lot already about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and in the coming years this is surely only going to...