Identity Governance - Untangling the Identity Spaghetti

Posted by Hans Bot on 7 Jun, 2018
Imagine you're facing chaos, and you need to bring governance, you’d best start introducing some order first. Otherwise, your chances to succeed would be slim at best. With identity governance, this is no different. Bringing structure into your identity and access management practices is a prerequisite for proper control. Before we dive into the details on how to get in control of access to your information sources, let’s have a look at the kind of identity governance challenges many organizations are facing today.
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Topics: Identity and Access Management, Identity Governance & Administration, API Management

Three cheers for Identity and Access Management

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 28 Feb, 2017

Typically, when we talk about digital transformation, we leave out security. It’s just not sexy. The Internet of Things and APIs are, so we rather focus on all the cool things we could do by deploying them. What we tend to forget, though, is that security, and especially Identity and Access Management (IAM), is at the core of every IT breakthrough. The reason for this is very simple, as these measures enable you to safely share your data with other people and systems. And it just so happens that this streamlined data exchange is exactly what digital transformation is about. Three cheers for IAM!

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Topics: API, Identity and Access Management, Digital Transformation, Identity Governance & Administration, Single Sign On