Setting up a Dockered WSO2 API Manager (Part 1)

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 1 Feb, 2018

Installing WSO2 API Manager (APIM), or any WSO2 product for that matter, is a cinch. We have detailed the steps in this blog. However, the last half year or so, Docker keeps popping up as the new environment to run WSO2 products!

To make this blog accessible to more readers, let’s talk about what Docker is before telling how to set up a Dockered WSO2 API Manager.

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WSO2 (API Manager) Dockerized

Posted by Steve Liem on 12 Jan, 2017
Offering complete solutions in a short time to market is one of the biggest things DevOps organizations need to deal with these days. Regarding WSO2 products we have a range of various complexities regarding setting up WSO2 products. Now we can fulfill the short time to market task by applying Docker containers for all WSO2 products. In this blog I will give a short guideline to get a good kickstart.
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