From DevOps to NoOps – how to automate your chocolate factory

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 7 Mar, 2017

We just recovered from the DevOps trend, or a new term is knocking on our door: NoOps. While 2016 was all about combining Development and Operations (hence, DevOps) to optimize and speed up software development, we now seem to move on to No Operations at all. But how can we go from DevOps to NoOps if there’s still so much ambiguity around the concepts? In this article, we get into this problem by using one of the simplest metaphors we can think of: the chocolate factory.

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Topics: DevOps, NoOps

DevOps best practices

Posted by Thijs Volders on 23 Feb, 2017

San Francisco, 22 February 2017. During the WSO2 conference USA 2017, Chamith Kumarage from WSO2  presented the vision of WSO2 around 'DevOps Best Practices'. Read all about it in this post.

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Test Driven Infrastructure with WSO2

Posted by Steve Liem on 19 Jul, 2016

Implementing WSO2 Middleware, without having "real" control over your infrastructure eventually results in chaos. Especially when doing the DevOps way of working. In this blog I'm going to show a possible challenge, and a new way of how to specify infrastructure, and eventually automate it in the deployment pipeline.

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Topics: WSO2 ESB, wso2 AS, DevOps