Digital Transformation: Threat or Opportunity?

Posted by Vinay Babu Yella on 15 Jan, 2019

Digital Transformation is for a company the difference between winning and losing. Companies that were once great are now extinct. For example: Toys "R" Us was once a successful toys store chain, but now out of business after Amazon shook up the retail market with online e-commerce offering customers with greater selection, lower price, and better customer experience. In some cases, much younger companies (for example: Uber, Airbnb, Stripe) are emerging as major disruptors in their industry, using their digital platforms that prove to be a threat to their competitors. Over the past twenty years, it has been proven that the industry disruptors where the first to embrace Digital Transformation, and those other companies that followed were successful by surviving the competition.

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Data analytics done right- looking beyond the Big Data obsession

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 16 Jan, 2018

CEO: “I found this cool new analytics tool to monitor customer behavior. Can you integrate it on our data platform?” You: “….”

Sure, you can. You’re CIO of a big company and you can do pretty much everything. The question is not whether you know how to integrate new analytical tools; the question is whether it’s going to get you anywhere. As with many other things, investing in tools is only worthwhile if these tools are well integrated in your business model. I won’t have to tell you how often this fails. So, what needs to happen before you can turn data analytics into ROI? I suggest you start by telling your colleagues to find another obsession.   

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