Business Process Management to the rescue - Part 2

Posted by Hans Bot on 3 Apr, 2018

In part one of this series, I discussed the nature of process-oriented application development. We found out that there is a world of complexities hidden behind the label “business process”. This may not come as a surprise. After all, there are many types of businesses, from small to large, from commercial to public services, from operational to strategic and from repetitive to creative. The sweet-spot of business process management is where there are significant operational complexities and a significant scale. If you do a moonshot project, it is typically a one-off. You probably wouldn’t waste your time with modeling a process with just one occurrence. On the other hand, if something is highly repetitive and straightforward, like a baker baking has bread daily, there is not much to be won with a formalized process. However, if you’re looking to bring more control, more flexibility and a higher quality to your operation, you definitely want to give business process applications a chance. In this part I share a number of good practices to design a solid business process.

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Business Process Management to the rescue - Part 1

Posted by Hans Bot on 13 Mar, 2018

Traditionally, business processes used to be the exclusive domain of business managers. Depending on the nature of the process, some activities were supported by applications – e.g. invoicing, or customer relationship management. Over the years, more and more activities have become fully automated. Perhaps the term straight-through processing springs to mind, or business process improvement. Today business transformation is all the rage – yet further blurring the traditional separation between the business and the IT domains. However, the ‘impedance mismatch’ between process domains in the business and the data silos in IT is far from solved.

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Topics: Business Process Management, BPM