5 applications of artificial intelligence that are used (and useful)

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 24 Oct, 2017

I’m having a lot of discussions lately. Being an IT person, known for their go-against-the-rules attitude, I’ve always had them, but the last couple of months it feels like I’m extra busy. Many of my discussions seem to revolve around artificial intelligence, or their added value, to be more exact. I’m a huge AI believer, but many of the people I talk to couldn’t care less. I don’t blame them. So many business owners and CIOs have been covered with buzzwords, hypes and well-meant advice, that they run away as soon as they hear the words “you need this”. Especially for them, I listed a couple of interesting applications of artificial intelligence. So they can decide for themselves (read: wake up and start loving AI).

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence