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The Yenlo Blog. This is where we write about innovative ideas.

Lazybones - APIs and Microservices


By Ruben van der Zwan

We have heard a lot already about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and in the coming years this is surely only going to grow. I am not talking about the AI as in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey where...

ride share or taxi - here mobility

Here Mobility

By Ruben van der Zwan

If you want to go from A to B, you have a number of options. You can go by foot, bike, car or public transport. Of...

Wave of innovations

New waves of innovation

By Ruben van der Zwan

Every year in January, Las Vegas is home to the world’s biggest electronic show, CES. Over 180,000 international...

Instant api business model - instant camera

The Instant API Business Model

By Ruben van der Zwan

When you look at APIs, they are the interface to services running on computers and systems across the world, but...

api first strategy

What is an API-first Strategy?

By Ruben van der Zwan

You might have heard the term 'API-first strategy'. Any idea what it is? It actually depends on who you talk to, as...

Empty battery

Empty batteries

By Ruben van der Zwan

We have more and more access to WiFi and charging possibilities for our wireless devices. That means we can just...

free wifi -  we stream

O2, H2O and 01010101010

By Ruben van der Zwan

Last summer I went on holiday to the USA. The summer period is a time of relaxation, away from the business....


Everything will have an API

By Ruben van der Zwan

You know that we like APIs. APIs are a simple way to connect to systems and that simplicity is one of the reasons...


Innovation is a perpetual process

By Ruben van der Zwan

Innovation is a perpetual process. We in IT know that all too well. As soon as we’re done integrating some sort of...


Strange and remarkable APIs

By Ruben van der Zwan

If you are a frequent reader of my blogs it will not surprise you that I am a big fan of APIs. In this blog, I will...