A smart bridge is more than a bridge

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 30 Oct, 2018

Bridges have enormous impacts on society. Historically, having a bridge meant that you can trade a new business with the other side, increasing prosperity. Bridges give shelter when it is raining and if you are down on your luck, you might even sleep under a bridge. Even in mathematics, bridges play a role given the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. For many people a bridge is a way to get, for instance, across a river. When a bridge out of order for a considerable amount of time, as happened a while ago in my hometown it is a nuisance for most people. Bridges are made of all kinds of materials like wood, concrete, steel or any other combination. Even a cardboard bridge is an option. But did you know that a 3D printed bridge will soon appear in Amsterdam?

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O2, H2O and 01010101010

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 9 Oct, 2018

Last summer I went on holiday to the USA. The summer period is a time of relaxation, away from the business. However, that does not mean that I am completely disconnected. And nor is my family. A small revolt occurs when we do not have an internet connection. But in the USA, there is a caveat when going online! In Europe, roaming charges have been largely abandoned and I roam from my existing subscription without incurring charges. With a per MB charge of EUR 2.50 in the USA, this easily adds up to a very unwelcome bill if you are not careful when using your mobile devices. But we need the internet like we need oxygen and water. It is a necessity for modern life. Is that a good thing?  Yes and no. No, because you run a change that you do not unwind from the daily grind, constantly checking your mail and answering calls. Yes, because it also allows you to live your life, navigate through a city and so on.

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Everything will have an API

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 28 Aug, 2018

You know that we like APIs. APIs are a simple way to connect to systems and that simplicity is one of the reasons why APIs are becoming more and more popular. Creating a service that is available using an API, as a micro service or as more traditional service, is actually very easy. So I believe everything will have an API in the future. Every mainframe service, every payment service and of course hardware devices in the area of the Internet of Things. Earlier this year an announcement by the company Dynamics Inc. really blew my mind. At CES, the largest tradeshow on electronics (both consumer and business-to-business), they introduced a new credit card called the wallet card. In this blog you will read what’s so special about this credit card.

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Innovation is a perpetual process

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 14 Aug, 2018

Innovation is a perpetual process. We in IT know that all too well. As soon as we’re done integrating some sort of hot new technology another piece of technology is already at the horizon. But how do you scout those technologies? You can have your own Research & Development department to do everything yourself, you can do it together with partners and universities or you can even do what big corporations do: buy what they like when the technology is right. But in the end whatever you do it always ends up that it needs to be integrated into your IT landscape and when you’re done it’s back to square one.

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Strange and remarkable APIs

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 31 Jul, 2018

If you are a frequent reader of my blogs it will not surprise you that I am a big fan of APIs. In this blog, I will take a look at the three most strange and remarkable APIs that caught my eye over the last year or so, showing you that everything can actually become an API. Some of them can even become or be a business model helping you to generate money with the services you offer or the data you own.

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