Disrupt your business before someone else does

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 1 May, 2018

If we keep doing what we always have done, you will always get what you've always got. This quote describes that although keeping with what’s familiar your progress is limited at best. Personally, it has always amazed me why people measure cars performance in a measure of horsepower. A car is not a horse and since horses now only are used for recreational use, who knows what one horsepower (HP) is? I can image that way back it made sense since people knew what horses could do, but at this day and age? No, find another measure. That takes me to true disruptors will shake up the business with a novel idea or even novel implementation. What do you mean a video or DVD is a product? It is a service! In this blog, we will look at what Netflix did and if you can learn from this to disrupt your business.

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Your customers don’t like Pay what you Own either- so stop it

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 27 Mar, 2018

I don’t like the “Pay what you Own” construction used by many software vendors. And as I don’t like it, my customers probably don’t either. Like I explained in last week’s blog, paying for what you own locks people in both technologically and financially, and takes away every opportunity to move forward. The solution lies in switching to a vendor that lets you pay for actual usage, AKA the “Pay what you Use” model. Now let’s say you’re one of those people that made it to the other side, and started working according to this new and fairer principle. How can you expand the Pay what you Use model to your own customers and make them as happy as you are? I’ll tell you below.

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Digital Transformation at LAC 2017 - a Retrospective

Posted by Hans Bot on 30 Nov, 2017

This November marked the 19th edition of the Dutch National Architecture Conference LAC – and the first Yenlo sponsored. This year’s conference carried the theme “Digital Transformation”. Three main topics definitely sparked the most interest during and in-between the sessions. 

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Keep calm, fix your data strategy and be GDPR compliant

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 10 Oct, 2017

Having fixed the PSD2 matter (if you didn’t, read this article), it’s time to fix that other abbreviation that messes with your data strategy. Unlike PSD2, GDPR does not exactly come with new opportunities that help you become a company of the future. It’s a wakeup call for the business world to pay more attention to customer privacy. A wakeup call with serious consequences, that is. But not all is lost. When well informed, there’s nothing standing in your way of running a kick ass business that complies with all governmental regulations at the same time. So, keep calm, and read this blog. 

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Who’s to blame: sector disruptors or sector disruptees?

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 3 Oct, 2017

Not everyone loves Uber. The company came marching in and gave the taxi industry a hard time by lowering prices and stealing customers. They didn’t have licenses or insurance and they didn’t comply with any of the rules that keep established taxi drivers hostage. Or at least that’s how the established taxi drivers felt it. Customers loved it, though. They finally got the service and flexibility they longed for, and started using the Uber app en masse. Result: taxi rates dropped, customers were lost and Uber got sued for unfair competition (also en masse). Who’s to blame here? Was it disruptor Uber that changed the game? Or did the taxi industry had it coming? And why do you need to know the answer? I’ll tell you in this article.

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