WSO2TORIAL: Publishing an API on WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 4 Jan, 2018

Publishing an API on the WSO2 API Manager is quite straightforward. You define the API using the Publisher app. Here you define the context, resources and HTTP verbs, indicate endpoints and set tiers and throttling to name but a few. But there are alternatives to getting an API to the API Manager. In this blog we will look at the Import / export API’s functionality. In another blog we will look at the swagger definitions as a way to define and publish APIs.

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Working on your university digital strategy? Leave it to the students

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 5 Dec, 2017

We tend to forget that a significant part of all the brightness in the world was created at universities and colleges. The business world is dominating the news, and we all know and love the Steve Jobs and Elon Musks of our time. Their companies completely changed the way we live and work and they are currently building our summer homes on Mars. It was at university, however, where these loose cannons were turned into educated persons that now turn their brilliancy into actual projects and products. Imagine all the wisdom and creativity gathered together in one spot! Now imagine the many technological challenges educational institutions face today. From where I stand, deploying a university digital strategy should include student collaboration. Because who knows more about the future than the future itself?

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Digital Transformation at LAC 2017 - a Retrospective

Posted by Hans Bot on 30 Nov, 2017

This November marked the 19th edition of the Dutch National Architecture Conference LAC – and the first Yenlo sponsored. This year’s conference carried the theme “Digital Transformation”. Three main topics definitely sparked the most interest during and in-between the sessions. 

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Keep calm, fix your data strategy and be GDPR compliant

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 10 Oct, 2017

Having fixed the PSD2 matter (if you didn’t, read this article), it’s time to fix that other abbreviation that messes with your data strategy. Unlike PSD2, GDPR does not exactly come with new opportunities that help you become a company of the future. It’s a wakeup call for the business world to pay more attention to customer privacy. A wakeup call with serious consequences, that is. But not all is lost. When well informed, there’s nothing standing in your way of running a kick ass business that complies with all governmental regulations at the same time. So, keep calm, and read this blog. 

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API Management - the Five stages of API Adoption

Posted by Hans Bot on 22 Aug, 2017

Today, APIs are the new frontier in IT strategy and architecture. No matter in what industry you’re looking, doing business digitally is high on the agenda – and APIs are an essential part of the digital menu. At Yenlo, we’re enjoying the fortune of working with many companies who are building APIs and implementing API Management for those APIs. Although there are many differences across the different engagements we’re in, there are also remarkable similarities. Similarities in the kind of challenges companies face. And, similarities in the growth paths these companies travel over.

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Topics: WSO2 API, API Management, API Strategy