What happened at WSO2Con USA '18 day 2?

Posted by Yenlo on 18 Jul, 2018

By Erik Assink & Vinay Babu Yella

We really enjoyed the first day of the WSO2Con where a lot of announcements were made. The second day of WSO2Con took a deep dive in the technology with a mixture of customer showcases and technology sessions by WSO2 Engineers. Since we couldn’t attend all the parallel sessions we selected some of the sessions which we will cover in this blog.

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IT is in the mail

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 10 Jul, 2018

You might think that mail, whether it’s packages or letters as well as last questions of the analog world. And although the last 10 feet are still done by hand in many cases (putting a letter in the mailbox or actually handing over package) in between there is more IT than you will probably imagine.

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Subscription Governance in the WSO2 API Developer Portal

Posted by Hans Bot on 5 Jul, 2018

API Management is still a rapidly developing area. Many API Management suppliers have given the API Store little thought. It’s just a portal to advertise API’s. Since store visitors are mostly not involved in product selection, investments have been kept to a minimum. In the meantime, more mature API Publishers have discovered that the functionality of the API Developer’s Portal is vital for the success of their API Management initiative – and possibly of their larger corporate digitization efforts. Consequently, we’re seeing more investment in developer engagement and support.

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Get ready for voice

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 3 Jul, 2018

We have become accustomed to the keyboard as an interface to our computers but increasingly we see new ways of communicating or interfacing with the computer at your horizon. I do not mean the mouse which has been around for the better part of 40 years. I do not mean the touchscreen also a staple of computers and systems and lately also the preferred way of interacting with mobile devices like tablets and smart phone. No, I talk about the interface that we use primarily to talk to other people namely our own voices. 

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Going Digilog

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 12 Jun, 2018

Digilog, a combination of analog and digital, is still a powerful concept. We live in a world where we want to be able to choose the channels, sometimes it is digital, sometimes analog. You might be under the impression that digital imagination always is 100% digital.  But actually, it isn’t. Let me show you by using an example. Recently I came across smart2cover, a Dutch insurance company that sells insurance in a different way.  What is different about insurance, the way they sell it is that they sell it at the point of sale. They do so in the form that you might have seen at cash registers in the form of a plastic card, very much like you would buy an iTunes card or any other card that you can put some money on.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, API Management, API Strategy, Digital Strategy, Strategy