Through the MicroScope: How to escape the microservice dilemma with WSO2 API Microgateway

Posted by Hans Bot on 28 Mar, 2019
You probably know the project management wisdom, sometimes known as the devil’s triangle, where you’re supposed to pick only two priorities out of the three objectives “on budget”, “on time”, and “on spec”. As a project manager, understandably so, you need some wiggle room to push the project to a successful ending. In the world of software architecture, there is a similar pattern at play. Obviously, a pattern with different dimensions. It is all about rightsizing a service. Let me explain.

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Aiming for Fluidity

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 26 Mar, 2019

In the past, I’ve written about the shiny front-end and the dirty back-end. By this I mean that you are able to develop modern interfaces and applications to a legacy infrastructure. We are able to do this because the power of (among others) the Enterprise Service bus allows us to connect anything to anything. But in this blog I would like to introduce a new concept that I call ‘Fluidity’. Do your customers experience a fluid process flow? Read on for the mastery of 'Fluidity' and you will understand what I mean.

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Moving from OracleJDK8 to OpenJDK8 with WSO2

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 21 Mar, 2019

It might not be well known, but Oracle has changed the nature of Oracle JDK 8. It will not be possible to use JDK 8 for commercial purposes without incurring costs (as of February 2019). But, luckily when we look at the compatibility matrix we see that OpenJDK8 is now supported as well for a number of current products.

There is a migration initiated by WSO2 to newer versions of Oracle JDK e.g. 10 and more recently 11, but there is nothing final about the support by WSO2 products. The compatibility matrix only shows OpenJDK, Adopt OpenJDK 8 (for API Manager 2.6.0) and Oracle JDK 8.

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A New View on Reality

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 19 Mar, 2019

It is becoming more and more difficult to see what is real and what is not. The last decade or so we have seen the rise of augmented reality, adding information to the reality we see, for instance using a smart phone.We have seen virtual-reality becoming more mainstream, a complete virtual world in which people can immerse themselves and perhaps even live an alternate live. And we have even seen mixed reality where we find all of them mixed together. We can create a supermodel on a computer that is starting to look indistinguishable from a human being. All these technologies take a piece of reality and add something with the data except for the supermodel that is completely virtual. Do you use all the dimensions of your business data? How can you manage your data and how are other companies doing this? Read on and I will tell you!

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Through the MicroScope

Posted by Hans Bot on 14 Mar, 2019

I assume that by now you’re well aware that there is a renewed excitement in our industry. Digital Transformation is gaining steam, and the cloud is hotter than hot. Have you noticed the Cambrian Explosion that’s going on in cloud technologies? Have a look at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. At the moment of writing, they’ve registered 609 cards with a total of 1,371,481 stars, a total market cap of $6.25T and funding of $17.7B. Impressive. There must be another boom going on. Of course, not all of these initiatives will survive over the long term. In that respect, it is really similar to the Cambrian Explosion: only the fittest survive. From an architectural perspective, this is not the most relevant question to ask. It is more interesting to know if the underlying trend is solid. Will the paradigm that we now know as cloud-native survive long term? That’s the question I’m exploring in this blog.

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