Separate log files per Proxy or API in WSO2 EI

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 22 Nov, 2018

In WSO2 products you can always find all the enabled logging aggregated into the wso2carbon.log, but what if you want to split some of this logging up on the API/Proxy level? Well you’re in luck, WSO2 EI (or WSO2 ESB) supports logging per API or Proxy into their respective files and I’m here to tell you how to do that!

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Faster Carrier Pigeons

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 20 Nov, 2018

Innovation is often the key to success in business. However, we often innovate in a linear fashion, meaning that we just create a new version of something that we currently have. Let me give you an example: If you find carrier pigeons too slow to deliver messages you simply start breeding faster flying pigeons. At one point, you almost inevitably will find that you are reaching the boundaries of what is possible. In this case, for instance, the speed with which a pigeon can fly. So, if you want to make the next step, you need something else if your demands for speedy delivery grows. 

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What happened on day 3 at WSO2 CON EU 2018?

Posted by Yenlo on 15 Nov, 2018

After the second WSO2 CON Europe day, the third and final day was splitted in two parts, the Partner track (for partners like Yenlo) and the Ballerina Track, AKA Ballerina Day. Ballerina is the new programming language from WSO2 that is going to play a big role in the (upcoming) releases of the WSO2 products. But it is already in some of the product like the API Manager 2.5.0 where we have the microgateway as part of the product enabling to migrate an API to the Ballerina based microgateway. In this blog we will tell you what happened on this Ballerina day.

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What happened on day 2 at WSO2 CON EU 2018?

Posted by Yenlo on 14 Nov, 2018

After an inspiring first day, the second day of the annual WSO2 EU Con in London was kicked off with two keynotes. In this blog we will give you a heads up about what we've learned today. 

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What happened on day 1 at WSO2 CON EU 2018?

Posted by Yenlo on 13 Nov, 2018

On this beautiful Tuesday in November in London, the first day of WSO2 Con Europe took place. This annual event is the gathering place of WSO2 users, mainly Europe based users because WSO2 organizes US and Asia editions too. Yenlo is of course attending, as a premier partner and reseller we are actually sponsoring the event. We will report on the highlights of the conference in three blogs, one for each day.

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