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New Yenlo White Paper From Red Hat JBoss to WSO2

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Red Hat to WSO2 product map

From Red Hat to WSO2

A new white paper from Yenlo and WSO2 discusses how to move from a Red Hat environment to a WSO2 integrated platform matching each Red Hat product and other third party application with WSO2 alternatives. In this white paper Yenlo and WSO2 also discuss how an enterprise can improve customer and partner relationships—and become more agile and seize new revenue opportunities in the process—by building a connected business.

Connecting all the Components of a Business

The white paper, “From Red Hat to WSO2,” was written by Yenlo and WSO2. It begins by defining a connected business where an enterprise increases its value proposition by focusing on its areas of expertise and leveraging external services in order to make the user’s experience more productive.

Next, the paper explains how to migrate your current Red Hat environment and third party applications to a WSO2 integration platform through a product by product explanation of the similarities and differences.

The paper goes on to explain a 3-step migration process and required changes to become a true connected business based on the WSO2 integration platform.


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Published September 16, 2014


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