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Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands, December 13, 2016 - Yesterday an interview with CEO Ruben van der Zwan was published in the Dutch magazine "ICT/magazine".


In this interview Ruben van der Zwan shares his vision on what is going on in IT worldwide, what is happening and where it is heading to. So how will the IT future look like in 2017 according to the CEO and co-founder of Yenlo?  "IT in 2017 is all about API Management, Integration, Internet of Things, Identity and Access Management and Big Data Analysis. " indicates Ruben van der Zwan.

"In 2017 trends and technology will explode. We all want more, and we all know that the sky is no longer our limit. This is mainly due to the rise of APIs, the force behind almost all innovations. We are at the very beginning of an API revolution. They are the secret weapon of many technological breakthroughs by innovative companies like Tesla. API Management is also a way for companies to involve the community in building new apps for example. I predict an "explosion of APIs" in the next two years." says Ruben van der Zwan.

Read the full interview in ICT/magazine here (in Dutch). An English version can be read here.  

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Published December 13, 2016


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