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Interview John Mathon in Business Magazine Zillion - Leading by innovation at Yenlo

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A seasoned expert in the world of software solutions will be joining the management team at Yenlo, the Netherlands-based middleware provider. John Mathon, a founding member of TIBCO Software, says he is excited to guide the company as it continues to expand its services, in his new role as Vice President of Strategy at Yenlo.

Yenlo is Dutch-based software development and consulting company focused on middleware and business process management. The company was founded in 2007; the founders, who still serve as members of the team, have an accumulated experience of over 35 years in the IT and gained in-depth architectural knowledge in the area of service- oriented computing, business process management and cloud computing.

Prior to his recent appointment as VP at Yenlo, Mr. Mathon was one of the founding members of TIBCO, a leading software provider. For over 15 years, he served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Director, and was a key figure in the company’s partnership with leading tech organizations like Yahoo and Netscape. He has held several management

positions in tech companies of all sizes, and has served as a keynote speaker in colleges and universities.

According to Mr. Mathon, one of his main priorities in his new role as Vice President of Strategy at Yenlo is to help the company move closer to development operationsservices-knownbythetech community as DevOps-, a culture of collaboration between IT professionals towards the automated process of software delivery and changes in the infrastructure.

“Yenlo has to also help companies withmoreopensourcedprojects,and help companies deploy and maintain that technology in the cloud. That will take some time, but it’s the right time to be moving into this space,” Mr. Mathon states.

A key competitive advantage of Yenlo, which has offices in five countries, is its status as a premier partner of WSO2, one of the world’s leading providers of middleware technology. Mr. Mathon said Yenlo will maintain their focus on the software components that the company is already familiar with around middleware and WSO2.

“New technologies are advancing at a staggering rate due to the proliferation of Open Source components, Closed Source Components and Cloud Services,” Mr. Mathon was quoted as saying in a company pIMG_2030.jpegress release. “Some of the many applications companies are struggling to implement the right DevOps approach, combined with Data Analytics and the refactoring of APIs within new service architectures. I look forward to helping Yenlo to become one of the world’s experts in building solutions with this component technology.”



ZIllion - Leading by innovation - John Mathon, VP Strategy Yenlo 

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Published July 13, 2016


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