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HHNK water management decides on Yenlo and WSO2

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Yenlo is granted an integration project from HHNK (Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier)

Enterpris2e_blog_no_2.jpge Service Bus structures loose information

Up until recently, HHNK (Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier) has worked with a large number of independent information systems. Because of this, a sizable amount of overlap occurred and it required a lot of extra working hours. Yenlo has made an offer for implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus that combines all their systems in a smart way. After a successful Proof of Concept, HHNK has decided to award Yenlo the contract.

HHNK keeps Noord-Holland’s feet dry

A large part of Noord-Holland is below sea level. This means that ample work has to be done to keep it dry. HHNK is in charge of the water board responsibilities in the area north of the North Sea and Texel.

Loose provision of information

HHNK is characterized by relatively ‘loose’ provision of information. Within HHNK, primary processes are supported by several information systems. However, many of these systems are fairly isolated and could do with some reciprocal integration. This shortage of integration leads to overlap in functionality within different systems and a lack of process-transcending information.

Investing in integration layers

The new I&A department within HHNK has decided to invest in an integration layer or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This has many obvious advantages: the layer links ‘individual’ systems or system groups in the cleverest way possible, it reduces the number of systems used and offers to select applications based on the right balance between price and performance and on the practical needs of HHNK’s business processes. It also offers the possibility to re-use data.

HHNK wants to achieve targets with Yenlo’s help

HHNK aimed to select and implement a well-functioning integration layer and secure its use and management within its ICT management organization. The integration layer, consisting of two approved couplings, has to be fully operational by April 2015. Yenlo has submitted a proposal for purchase and implementation of the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus. After a successful Proof of Concept Yenlo has been contracted to deliver the ESB, offer assistance during its implementation and facilitate trainings for developers and administrators.

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Published February 27, 2015


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