Wouter van Wijngaarden

Wouter van Wijngaarden
Wouter is a certified WSO2 ESB consultant with experience on a variety of projects. Using his interest in puzzles he engages in solving integration problems for our customers every day.

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Separate log files per Proxy or API in WSO2 EI

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 22 Nov, 2018

In WSO2 products you can always find all the enabled logging aggregated into the wso2carbon.log, but what if you want to split some of this logging up on the API/Proxy level? Well you’re in luck, WSO2 EI (or WSO2 ESB) supports logging per API or Proxy into their respective files and I’m here to tell you how to do that!

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Synchronous Invocations over JMS queues on WSO2 EI / WSO2 ESB

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 18 Oct, 2018

One of our clients wanted an Enterprise Service Bus setup where the message flows worked synchronously but still used JMS queues to ensure no message were lost. In this blog, I will explain to you how to set this up.

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WSO2 Header Mediator

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 4 Oct, 2018

When building SOAP or HTTP services using the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator or WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus it is sometimes necessary to either remove or add specific headers to a message which is being transmitted. To make this easy, the WSO2 product has the <header> mediator to help you accomplish this task. In this blog, I will tell you how to use this mediator.

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WSO2Torial: Setting up WSO2 with a valid certificate

Posted by Wouter van Wijngaarden on 2 Feb, 2017

WSO2 products can be downloaded from the WSO2 website, installed in a matter of seconds after which you can try out the software. No fees, no contracts and …. no lawyers.

What you’ll find when you start up any WSO2 product is that the browser will balk on the certificate that is used to encrypt the connection. This is a so called self-signed certificate and is deemed to be less secure then one from a Certificate authority.

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