Vinay Babu Yella

Vinay Babu Yella
Vinay is a Solution Architect from Seattle office. He has over 15 years of experience architecting Middleware and Enterprise solutions in a wide variety of business verticals and use cases. Specialized in design and implementation of IT and business transformation solutions using WSO2 and Oracle technologies.

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Digital Transformation: Threat or Opportunity?

Posted by Vinay Babu Yella on 15 Jan, 2019

Digital Transformation is for a company the difference between winning and losing. Companies that were once great are now extinct. For example: Toys "R" Us was once a successful toys store chain, but now out of business after Amazon shook up the retail market with online e-commerce offering customers with greater selection, lower price, and better customer experience. In some cases, much younger companies (for example: Uber, Airbnb, Stripe) are emerging as major disruptors in their industry, using their digital platforms that prove to be a threat to their competitors. Over the past twenty years, it has been proven that the industry disruptors where the first to embrace Digital Transformation, and those other companies that followed were successful by surviving the competition.

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Basic health check script for Web Servers and Services

Posted by Vinay Babu Yella on 9 Nov, 2018

There are tools available to monitor the status of web servers and services, for e.g.: Nagios and SolarWinds. These tools need to be installed and configured to start monitoring/reporting and they provide many advanced features to monitor things in your IT. But if you are looking for simple solution for basic health check of your web resources without having to install special software or its agents, then this script helps you to get the job done.

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TCP socket communication with WSO2 ESB

Posted by Vinay Babu Yella on 14 Jun, 2018

Sockets enable communication between computers in a network. Every time client machine need to talk to a server (for e.g.: client’s browser requesting a webpage from internet), a socket is opened, and it is used for transferring information between client and server. In general, sockets refer to Internet Protocol(IP) for relaying data packets across network boundaries. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) are widely used protocols for one-to-one connections between two nodes in a network. TCP protocol guarantees the recipient will receive the packets in the order they are sent, but is relatively slow, hence suitable for applications that require higher message reliability. UDP is faster and does not guarantee that the messages or packets sent would reach at all. UDP is used when speed is desirable and error correction is not necessary. For example, UDP is frequently used for live broadcasts and online games. For this blog, we will focus on TCP sockets only and especially TCP socket communication with WSO2 ESB.

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