Steve Liem

Steve Liem
Steve Liem is a middleware integration expert with 10+ years experience involved in enterprise environments for projects in the Public Sector, Telecommunications and the Airline business. In his current role he is working as WSO2 Product solution engineer for Yenlo. For his team he is a strategic key player in implementing the DevOps way of working in any Enterprise that is supported by Yenlo.

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Health Checks on WSO2 Products

Posted by Steve Liem on 24 Jan, 2019

For simple health checks directly on a Carbon container, you want to have an interface that exposes just enough information to determine that the environment is healthy. It should also be a lightweight process that has no impact on the load of the system. It should be a secure process that does not expose any sensitive system information that might be of use for potential hack attacks. In this blog I will tell you how you can execute a health check.

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Topics: WSO2 Carbon, WSO2 API, API, REST, XML, JSON

Multi-tenant email support in WSO2 Identity server

Posted by Steve Liem on 6 Sep, 2018

I'd like to recall a blogpost that we published in 2016 about how to enable tenant specific SMTP support in WSO2 Identity Server:

Since moving to WSO2IS v5.3.0 onwards a lot of things changed. Using the Axis2 layer to configure email support became a legacy solution. Meaning that there is no guarantee that the email plugin we've published in 2016 will work now. Using the CEP engine integrated with Identity Server is the primary approach chosen by WSO2.

This blogpost will present a new solution for configuring multi-tenant specific SMTP settings for email events triggered by the Identity Server.

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Topics: WSO2 IS, Identity and Access Management

Develop with PostgreSQL, Docker and WSO2 API Manager

Posted by Steve Liem on 15 Mar, 2018

Installing PostgreSQL is not as simple as you think. Just look at the many different pages on the internet when searching for how to install PostgreSQL on your system. Especially the many different types of problems that people have with these installations.

I’ve tried a simple ‘brew install postgres’. Everything works fine. But you will get a very basic, not configured, installation. You have to find out how to get the database working with the database psql client. When you simply want to have a local server or client to be able to communicate with Postgres a lot of configuration needs to be done. 

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Topics: WSO2 API, docker, API Management

WSO2 (API Manager) Dockerized

Posted by Steve Liem on 12 Jan, 2017
Offering complete solutions in a short time to market is one of the biggest things DevOps organizations need to deal with these days. Regarding WSO2 products we have a range of various complexities regarding setting up WSO2 products. Now we can fulfill the short time to market task by applying Docker containers for all WSO2 products. In this blog I will give a short guideline to get a good kickstart.
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Topics: docker, API

A clustered setup with WSO2MB and WSO2ESB

Posted by Steve Liem on 1 Dec, 2016

The "before" scenario...

Let's imagine some example scenario's where a Message Broker solution is not in place. One situation where it is very important to receive real time data updates from is the stock exchange market, where several stock brokers need to react as soon as possible. In this type of market, the sooner you act the better the results. Assume we have a Stock Exchange system with an internal database, where all consumers around have acces to pull data from, we have a situation like in the following picture:

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