Siger Steenstra

Siger Steenstra
Siger is a certified WSO2 ESB / EI consultant with experience in several projects. His knowledge of algorithms and various programming patterns are of great use while solving integration challenges for our customers.

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Date Formatting Part 1: A Practical Integration Issue

Posted by Siger Steenstra on 28 Feb, 2019

A common issue in integration is the issue of the format of your data. This problem arises often in health-care and government. Imagine a system in which every hospital and government works with tenders to attract parties to take care of data flow. Every party uses a different format to get their data across. For instance, one party denotes a birth date as ‘ddmmyyyy’ (European), another party denotes that same birth date as ‘yyyymmdd’ (American). As you will see later on the used format is not mentioned anywhere. There are no dashes or other separators to give clues about the format.

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