Ruben van der Zwan

Ruben van der Zwan
Ruben is CEO and founder of Yenlo. He is an IT visionary from the first hour, and always working on creating better ICT solutions. Ruben believes that with technology, we can bring the people in this world together and bring prosperity to everyone. Ruben is an evangelist of open source technology, integration platforms, and WSO2 in particular. He is a frequent speaker on international conferences.

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Microservices and Integration will be the themes of 2019

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 11 Dec, 2018

About this time last year, I predicted that these five IT-related themes would play an important role in 2018: API-first, IoT, Blockchain, Microservices and Automated Stacks. Now, one year later, let’s look back if the predictions became reality and to see what awaits us in the coming year.

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The Instant API Business Model

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 4 Dec, 2018

When you look at APIs, they are the interface to services running on computers and systems across the world, but APIs can also constitute a business model for organizations, and I believe that it is possible to have an instant API business model using available public data. Let me explain what I mean by instant. I'm convinced that you can just fire up some scripts and you will have a business that you can run in with under a day. Let’s drill down a little bit. When you’re talking about APIs in a business model, there are some things that you need to do. First you need to have an API which should provide information that will interest people, otherwise people will not be willing to pay for it.

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Topics: API Strategy, API Management, APIs, WSO2 API

What is an API-first Strategy?

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 27 Nov, 2018

You might have heard the term 'API-first strategy'. Any idea what it is? It actually depends on who you talk to, as there are as many definitions as there are vendors using that term. Like often is the case in IT. In this blog, I will give you my opinion what an API- first strategy is and how to realize it.

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Topics: Strategy, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, API Strategy, API Management, APIs, WSO2 API

Faster Carrier Pigeons

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 20 Nov, 2018

Innovation is often the key to success in business. However, we often innovate in a linear fashion, meaning that we just create a new version of something that we currently have. Let me give you an example: If you find carrier pigeons too slow to deliver messages you simply start breeding faster flying pigeons. At one point, you almost inevitably will find that you are reaching the boundaries of what is possible. In this case, for instance, the speed with which a pigeon can fly. So, if you want to make the next step, you need something else if your demands for speedy delivery grows. 

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A smart bridge is more than a bridge

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 30 Oct, 2018

Bridges have enormous impacts on society. Historically, having a bridge meant that you can trade a new business with the other side, increasing prosperity. Bridges give shelter when it is raining and if you are down on your luck, you might even sleep under a bridge. Even in mathematics, bridges play a role given the Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. For many people a bridge is a way to get, for instance, across a river. When a bridge is out of order for a considerable amount of time, as happened a while ago in my hometown, it is a nuisance for many people. Bridges are made of all kinds of materials like for example wood, stone, concrete, steel or a combination of these. Even a cardboard bridge is an option. But did you know that a 3D printed bridge will soon appear in Amsterdam?

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Topics: Strategy, Digital Strategy, API Strategy, API Management, WSO2 API