Rob Blaauboer

Rob Blaauboer
Rob is a Senior Business Consultant and Solution Architect with more than twenty years experience. In addition to his work he is an active blogger working on a number of articles on the ‘Internet of Things’ and a WSO2 ‘Getting Started with …’ series (WSO2 tutorial) in which he talks about WSO2 components and their purpose especially aimed at non technical readers. Rob is a WSO2 expert and official WSO2 trainer.
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Eight ways to deploy a CAR file to WSO2

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 18 Apr, 2019

The title of this blog sounds a bit like one of those hip articles where it is always x number of ways to make you rich or something. While we certainly hope WSO2 is hip, this blog isn’t. In this blog we are actually going to look at different ways to deploy CAR files to WSO2 products.

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Bulk User Import in a Secondary User Store in WSO2 IS 5.7.0

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 4 Apr, 2019

Current version of WSO2 Identity Server, as well as the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and WSO2 API Manager, knows the concept of the primary user store and a number of secondary user stores. Not all products use the user store equally, the Enterprise Integrator has a limited number of claims that it will store in the database. The reason is that for the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator the user is relatively secondary, its purpose is message mediation and transformation. The WSO2 Identity server is all about Identity and Access Management and has the capability to add additional claims to the standard dialects.

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Topics: WSO2 IS, Identity Server, Identity and Access Management, WSO2 Identity Server

Moving from OracleJDK8 to OpenJDK8 with WSO2

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 21 Mar, 2019

It might not be well known, but Oracle has changed the nature of Oracle JDK 8. It will not be possible to use JDK 8 for commercial purposes without incurring costs (as of February 2019). But, luckily when we look at the compatibility matrix we see that OpenJDK8 is now supported as well for a number of current products.

There is a migration initiated by WSO2 to newer versions of Oracle JDK e.g. 10 and more recently 11, but there is nothing final about the support by WSO2 products. The compatibility matrix only shows OpenJDK, Adopt OpenJDK 8 (for API Manager 2.6.0) and Oracle JDK 8.

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Topics: WSO2 API, API Management, OpenJDK8, OracleJDK

Working with the command line WSO2 API Manager tool

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 7 Mar, 2019

The latest version of WSO2’s API manager, version 2.5.0, has an additional tool to download that will make it easier for you to copy an API or an application from one environment to the other. People who are knowledgeable about the API manager can say: hang on, don’t we have that already? And they’re partly right. There is a tool that will allow you to import or export an API that has been created on the API manager. It is called API – import – export and is actually a war file that is deployed on the API manager itself in the webapps directory. My colleague Daniel Stevanović wrote a blog about it way back in 2015. 

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Testing your WSO2 proxies and APIs with SoapUI

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 6 Dec, 2018

In my role as WSO2 Trainer at Yenlo I regularly need to check the training materials. With the advent of WUM (WSO2 Update Manager) we go to a delivery cycle of new WSO2 product releases that warrant the use of a tool to test if all labs in the training still work. I want to be able to deploy a car file to a new server for training (i.e. a new patched version of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator) and run tests. In essence, this is the same goal as a regular test for any production environment. So, I’ve spent some time developing a set of test cases using SoapUI.

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