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Hans Bot
Hans is an experienced architect in the digital world, has always been at the frontline of developments. Nowadays Hans is focused on state-of-the-art cloud and integration platforms serving as a base for digital transformation. Hans has a passion for modern technologies. At the same time, he values the merits of proven ones.

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Micro is the new Enterprise

Posted by Hans Bot on 10 Jan, 2019

It’s not that hard to think of a state-of-the-art architecture, designed to continuously evolve with changing demands, changing expectations, and changing technologies. You just need to disentangle your software into microservices, make them event-driven, run them in auto-scaling and auto-healing containers on top of a software defined network, put API management in place and fully automate your deployments. 

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Topics: Microservices, Microgateway, WSO2 Micro Integrator

Ballerina – Yet Another Programming Language?

Posted by Hans Bot on 16 Aug, 2018

The world of computer languages seems adrift. Hardly have you finished your first experiment with a new and promising language, and something new, even more promising comes along, waiting to be studied too. It’s hard to keep up, let alone to get some real work done in the meantime. I mean, how many modern computer languages is enough? 

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Topics: Ballerina, Technical

Subscription Governance in the WSO2 API Developer Portal

Posted by Hans Bot on 5 Jul, 2018

API Management is still a rapidly developing area. Many API Management suppliers have given the API Store little thought. It’s just a portal to advertise API’s. Since store visitors are mostly not involved in product selection, investments have been kept to a minimum. In the meantime, more mature API Publishers have discovered that the functionality of the API Developer’s Portal is vital for the success of their API Management initiative – and possibly of their larger corporate digitization efforts. Consequently, we’re seeing more investment in developer engagement and support.

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Topics: API Strategy, API Management, APIs

Identity Governance - Untangling the Identity Spaghetti

Posted by Hans Bot on 7 Jun, 2018
Imagine you're facing chaos, and you need to bring governance, you’d best start introducing some order first. Otherwise, your chances to succeed would be slim at best. With identity governance, this is no different. Bringing structure into your identity and access management practices is a prerequisite for proper control. Before we dive into the details on how to get in control of access to your information sources, let’s have a look at the kind of identity governance challenges many organizations are facing today.
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Topics: Identity and Access Management, Identity Governance & Administration, API Management

Business Process Management to the rescue - Part 3

Posted by Hans Bot on 26 Apr, 2018

This is the third and final part in my series on business process management. In the previous episode, I shared a handful of tips to design successful business processes and build an application your users will actually appreciate. I introduced ‘otopop’ as a generic design principle. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend to do so before you continue reading this post. Chances are it’ll make more sense to you.

However, if you apply the good practices you already learned, and avoid the common pitfalls I share in this post, success is certainly attainable. 

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Topics: Business Process Management