Dusan Dević

Dusan Dević
Dusan is a passionate full-stack developer with more then 6 years of experience, especially with web development. He is very interested in IoT and modern technology in general. From 2015 he works as Integration Consultant at Yenlo, mostly with WSO2-IS, WSO2-DAS, Java and AngularJS.

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How to read properties in WSO2 BPS/WSO2 BPMN

Posted by Dusan Dević on 3 Jan, 2019

If you had the opportunity to work with WSO2 BPS or WSO2 BPMN, you’re familiar with the concept of variables. Just like in other programming languages, variable is in charge to hold some data and the system can make calculations and decisions based on such values. In this article I’ll show you how to read properties from the config file and to include them in your BPMN process definition. This can be very handy as, once you want to change something, it’s not necessary to recompile the code, redeploy the .bar file, even you don’t have to restart the product.

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Topics: Business Process Management, Business Process Server, BPMN, WSO2 Business Process Server, BPS, WSO2 Business Process Management

Advanced BPMN Workflows in WSO2 Identity Server

Posted by Dusan Dević on 13 Dec, 2018

WSO2 Identity Server out of the box provides a lot of really handy features to meet common requirements for most modern enterprises. Sooner or later you’ll end up in a challenge to implement something specific to your own organization. For instance, it may be additional OTP step, might be manual approval of each registered user and / or approval for the specific role assignation. In this blog we’ll speak about the workflows. 

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Topics: BPEL, Identity Server, WSO2 Identity Server, Business Process Server, BPMN, WSO2 Business Process Server, BPS

WSO2 API Manager load optimization - Part 1/2

Posted by Dusan Dević on 31 May, 2018

In the upcoming two blog posts we'll cover some theory about the load optimization on WSO2 API Manager, as well as analysis of the benchmarks got as a result of real life use cases. 

Imagine there are 4 different APIs exposed by WSO2 API Manager. One of them is really slow and it takes more than 60 seconds to respond. The other 3 are fast and will respond in less than 3 seconds.  Now, in order to simplify very complex topic, imagine your system is capable to serve 10 requests concurrently. By that, 10 customers will be served in parallel, but the 11th and each additional request will be rejected from WSO2 API Manager as of resource limitation.

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Topics: WSO2 API, API Management

How to make better APIs?

Posted by Dusan Dević on 2 May, 2017

We already published a lot of blog posts and successfully held a couple of workshops regarding the very popular topic: APIs. As you know, they’re a crucial part of every digital transformation as we can use them to connect and integrate many different kind of systems and / or devices. In this post I would like to note a few important topics that will help you to build better APIs. 

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Topics: API

Real world example of WSO2 DAS Gadgets

Posted by Dusan Dević on 22 Sep, 2016

 WSO2 Data Analytics Server is a very powerful web-based solution for data analytics. Before you continue with this tutorial, please make sure you read and understood about WSO2 DAS data representation alternatives.

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Topics: WSO2 DAS