What happened at WSO2Con USA '18 day 3?

Posted by Yenlo on 19 Jul, 2018

By Vinay Babu Yella

After day 2, the third and final day was there. Or more precisely morning, as the conference stopped right after lunch. But, there was BallerinaCon as well which lasted the full day. The Yenlo-team split up between the partner meeting track (as premier certified partner we of course needed to be there :-) ), working group track and BallerinaCon, which was being held in the same venue. In this blog, we will tell you a bit about what happened at BallerinaCon.

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What happened at WSO2Con USA '18 day 2?

Posted by Yenlo on 18 Jul, 2018

By Erik Assink & Vinay Babu Yella

We really enjoyed the first day of the WSO2Con where a lot of announcements were made. The second day of WSO2Con took a deep dive in the technology with a mixture of customer showcases and technology sessions by WSO2 Engineers. Since we couldn’t attend all the parallel sessions we selected some of the sessions which we will cover in this blog.

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What happened at WSO2Con USA '18 day 1?

Posted by Yenlo on 17 Jul, 2018

This week the WSO2 Conference is happening in San Francisco and of course Yenlo is there. We were planning to write a blog article after the conference but there is happening so much that we couldn’t wait to share it with our dear followers directly. So, here’s a recap of day 1.

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Get ready for Ballerina

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 12 Jul, 2018

On 18 July 2018  WSO2 will release version 0.980 of the long-awaited Ballerina language during BallerinaCon in San Francisco (also streamed live to your PC). You might wonder what it is and how it’s going to change the way you do integration in your organization. In a series of blogs we are going to take a look at Ballerina and dive into some of the elements of Ballerina.

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IT is in the mail

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 10 Jul, 2018

You might think that mail, whether it’s packages or letters as well as last questions of the analog world. And although the last 10 feet are still done by hand in many cases (putting a letter in the mailbox or actually handing over package) in between there is more IT than you will probably imagine.

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