Migrating WSO2 API Manager 1.10.0 to 2.1.0

Posted by Thomas Zielinski on 22 Jun, 2017

Many customers have to make a decision if they have to migrate their product to the newest version. In this case the management takes questions like this in to consideration:

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Selecting an Enterprise Service Bus: who calls the shots?

Posted by Yenlo on 20 Jun, 2017

You’ve made up your mind. Your company needs an integration tool and now is the time. The Enterprise Service Bus concept seems to fit perfectly within your IT infrastructure to connect all the dots. There’s no time to lose: you gotta have this! You go online to make a shortlist and you cannot wait to tell the others about your brilliant plan. Who doesn’t like more integration and better communication between systems, right? Then it suddenly dawns on you: you’re about to spend a lot of company money. Is this really your call?

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From REST to SOAP in WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API Manager

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 15 Jun, 2017

The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus allows you to connect systems that normally would not be able to communicate. This inability comes for instance from a perspective that the systems do not speak each other’s language.

An example: system A has a client number consisting of 6 digits where system B has 8 digits. Or of course any permutation of this or a host of other issues that hinder communication. In this WSO2 Tutorial we will show you how to create a REST to SOAP in WSO2 ESB and WSO2 API manager

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Don't put dirt on the ESB grave just yet

Posted by Yenlo on 13 Jun, 2017

Change can be a painful thing. Especially when you’re the old thing being replaced by something better. This is what it must feel like for the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). APIs and microservices get more popular every day and are said to be the essentials for every digital transformation. But is the Enterprise Service Bus era really over? Do APIs and microservices have what it takes to take on its every function? Yes and no. It’s complex. But we’ll tell you this: if you bury the Enterprise Service Bus concept, you might bury it alive.

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WSO2 and Ansible, how to setup an automated installation?

Posted by Thomas Zielinski on 8 Jun, 2017

Usually the installation of a WSO2 product is simple. Just unzip the package and that's all. This is, of course, in theory. Usually it is needed to customize the product. In the production environment, we have to use RDBMS database, what causes the changes in product configuration. If customers want to use the WSO2 product as distributed or clustered setup, the changes in configuration are needed too. Mostly, the customization is made once. In this case, it can be nice to have a tool which install the customized product on the servers. This blog is about WSO2 and Ansible and how you can setup an automated installation.

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