How open APIs might just make Schiphol the world’s coolest airport

Posted by Yenlo on 28 Mar, 2017

Ever tried counting all the developers in the world? We tried, but we got bored and gave up. There’s just too many of them! Researchers with a lot of free time and a lack of fulfilling jobs say the world has around 30 million skilled IT professionals, including 18,5 million professional and amateur developers. This means that an organization with an average team of 10 developers can only do so much compared to the rest of the world. So why not involve them all?

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A first dance with Ballerina

Posted by Thomas Zielinski on 23 Mar, 2017

During the WSO2 US Conference 2017 the new programming language for WSO2 products that use mediation and transformation was announced called Ballerina. Ballerinas are graceful, slim, in good physical shape and lightweight. These characteristics are directly tied to their profession. Dancing at that professional level requires a lot from a person and a body.

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API management as your IT bodyguard

Posted by Yenlo on 21 Mar, 2017

Companies like to believe they are the centre of the universe. The thing is that nowadays, many of them actually are. They’re continuously interacting with customers, partners, and suppliers, while co- designing, co-creating, co-sourcing, co-producing, and co-marketing with the outside world. They’re like popstars with a fanbase, that collaborate with other popstars and create fancy new records regularly. But fame comes with a price. The more we expose, the more risks we take. How do we make sense of all the incoming information and how do protect ourselves against people with bad intentions? A popstar would hire a body guard. So, why wouldn’t you?

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WSO2TORIAL Using OneTimePasswords to login in WSO2 IS 5.3.0

Posted by Rob Blaauboer on 16 Mar, 2017

Within WSO2 IS (Identity Server) you can have a onetime password generated. It is even possible to use this mechanism for users who do not want to remember passwords / want a new password for each login.

The trick is to setup the One Time Password feature and after each successful login a new password will be emailed to the user. Keep in mind this is a password in plaintext!

So how would we do this?

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The ESB is not dead- it’s just sleeping

Posted by Yenlo on 14 Mar, 2017

The ESB is getting old. And when things get old, people tend to forget about their value. It happens to smartphones, cars, and mothers all the time. It’s not a bad thing per se, as the old should give way to the new so innovation can happen. But in the case of the ESB, this oblivion is highly dangerous. When you forget about the one thing no modern organization can live without, you’ll never make it through your digital transformation. In this blog, we’re advocating the resurgence of the (renewed!) Enterprise Service Bus.  

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