Develop with PostgreSQL, Docker and WSO2 API Manager

Posted by Steve Liem on 15 Mar, 2018

Installing PostgreSQL is not as simple as you think. Just look at the many different pages on the internet when searching for how to install PostgreSQL on your system. Especially the many different types of problems that people have with these installations.

I’ve tried a simple ‘brew install postgres’. Everything works fine. But you will get a very basic, not configured, installation. You have to find out how to get the database working with the database psql client. When you simply want to have a local server or client to be able to communicate with Postgres a lot of configuration needs to be done. 

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Topics: WSO2 API, docker, API Management

Business Process Management to the rescue - Part 1

Posted by Hans Bot on 13 Mar, 2018

Traditionally, business processes used to be the exclusive domain of business managers. Depending on the nature of the process, some activities were supported by applications – e.g. invoicing, or customer relationship management. Over the years, more and more activities have become fully automated. Perhaps the term straight-through processing springs to mind, or business process improvement. Today business transformation is all the rage – yet further blurring the traditional separation between the business and the IT domains. However, the ‘impedance mismatch’ between process domains in the business and the data silos in IT is far from solved.

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Topics: BPM, Business Process Management

Securing a Queuing Service in WSO2 EI or WSO2 ESB

Posted by Sidharth Dash on 8 Mar, 2018

Messages processed in a Queuing service (AMQ, SQS, RabbitMQ etc.) are generally in plain text. As general requirement securing the Queuing service through user credentials is enough. Thereby a selected few users have the access to AMQ. However, AMQ is generally handled/maintained by people who sometimes are not cleared to see the content of data (in case of sensitive data such as personal, financial or medical). The data however can be encrypted before it is placed in a Queuing Service for further processing. This blog describes a way on how to sequre a queuing service in WSO2 EI or WSO2 ESB.

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Topics: WSO2 ESB, WSO2 EI

How virtual can your company be?

Posted by Ruben van der Zwan on 6 Mar, 2018

Over the last couple of years, we’ve increasingly seen companies arise that are, in one form or the other, virtual. Looking at virtual in Merriam-Webster (America's most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciation), we find that it can be occurring or existing primarily online. But there are more ways your company can be virtual.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy

API Security by Design

Posted by Hans Bot on 1 Mar, 2018
One of the key functions of an extended API Management platform, is to increase the API security. In my previous post , I already discussed the Policy Management features WSO2 API Manager brings. And that’s at least a decent start to secure your API’s. Through policies you can enforce controlled access to application functions - without having to rely on a secure implementation. You can also enforce policies to prevent a message overload, potentially threatening the availability of your services. 
But there is more to application security than run-time policies alone can bring. This blog discusses the potential to design inherently secure API’s.
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Topics: WSO2 API, APIs, API Management