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We build all our solutions with WSO2 and we are proud that we are WSO2 Premier Certified Integration Partner and Value-Added Reseller.

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Take the lead in tomorrow’s digital economy with the
#1 open source technology WSO2

By following our API first, Open Source first and Cloud first strategy
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Ruben van der Zwan, Maarten de Waal, Yenlo

We’re the global leading expert in WSO2 technology and services

Through solution architecture, software development and Managed WSO2 Cloud we connect everything to everyone, under the essential conditions of security, better management and simple logic. Our solutions are uniquely designed to meet today's demands for an agile approach and provides all components needed for successful digital business. We also provide the market with in-depth knowledge through training and support.

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Innovation needs freedom. This is why we build our solutions with the open source software of WSO2. Their source codes are publicly available, saving you from technical and financial lock-ins. All you get, is the best of the WSO2 stack and our full support. With WSO2's state of the art software and our experience, we connect your organization to the world so that you can take the lead in tomorrow's digital economy.

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Premier Certified Integration Partner & Value-Added Reseller

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5 reasons why we build our solutions with WSO2

  • The best, flexible and agile solution out there
  • The most complete integration platform
  • 100% open standard and open source
  • No financial, technical or knowledge lock-in
  • Freedom to choose

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The story and team of Yenlo

Yenlo has a long history in integration. It's in our DNA and it makes our heart beat faster. We are proud that this DNA is what connect the Yenlo team, it's our common denominator. We are operating on a global level, with people from different cultures working closely together and we are all driven by enthusiasm, honesty and transparency.

Meet Yenlo Meet Yenlo
Meet Yenlo Meet Yenlo